Wide open eyes see the invisible

F E E L I N G S & D I N O S A U R S

 #1 The New Style & Ice Cream

Did you ever sleep on broken glass?
I did last night
The edges were insanely soft
Mellow enough to calm me down
Through the mirror the violence is love
Through the mirror the mirror is gone

Take that knife & freeze it to ice

Watch the first part of  " F E E L I N G S & D I N O S A U R S - The new Style & Ice Cream" at Second Home Projects, Oudenarder Str. 30 in Berlin Wedding. Part of the group exhibition "Comes in 6 Colours" with Nicolas Fontaine, Cornelia Lochmann, Lars Gressmann, Anne Kollwitz, Ulrike Sperling, Stefanie Walk 10.05.2013 - 19.05.2013

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